man & business
or: here you will learn everything about trade and vocation
«I do not want to be a Jack of all trades under any circumstances.
I claim the right to be different - provided I can manage.
I long for chances, not for security.

I do not mean to be a saturated bourgeois, humiliated and dull, with the state caring for me.

I mean to face challenges, to long for something and to achieve it, to fail and to succeed.

I refuse to have my own initiative bought off with a tip.

I prefer to tackle the difficulties of life instead of indulging a secure existence, I prefer this thrill of my own success to the calm of Utopia. Neither do I want to exchange my freedom for benefits nor my human dignity for alms.

I have learned to think and act for myself, to face the world and to assume responsibility for my work.

All this is meant when we say, «I am a free human being.»

Albert Schweitzer