valuable information / the 10 dental commandments
or: perhaps I can do something for you before actually working for you.
Your teeth should mean more to you than to anybody else.
Keep your teeth in a good condition and you will preserve a lot of zest for life -
more than many a status symbol can offer.
1. Remember your teeth are used every day.
2. So look after your teeth before toothache makes you do so.
3. Brush your teeth twice a day.
4. Go to the dentist twice a year.
5. Wait for half an hour before brushing your teeth after the consumption of     citrusfruit or -juice. A piece of cheese helps neutralize the acids.
6. Don’t forget your dentures, no matter whether implanted or removable, require     cleaning as well.
7. Best use dental floss to clean the space between your teeth.
8. Remember, food containing calcium strenghtens the substance of your teeth and     your bones as well.
9. Don’t forget that physical exercise is a tonic for your heart and blood circulation so     you do something good for the supply of blood to your gums and teeth too.
Zahntechnikermeister Herbert Dohmen
© Foto Herbert Dohmen
10. Remember, dental hygiene is a matter of course and practice: Just do it.